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Northern Lights, Hot Springs & City Sites

Howdy from Wyoming and from Iceland. We are sharing light snow conditions with them now. Cold days like these are great to sit in front of the fireplace with a good cup of coffee and dream up and put in the work of planning out incredible, customized adventures.

We send you good tidings and these updates:

The happy news is with a good amount of luck and hard work, we survived! That wasn't easy, as you know. But, now continue to stay focused towards celebrating our sixth anniversary in early July which will be celebrated in Paradise Valley. The LIV IT UP retreat on the banks of the Yellowstone River is where it all began after years of traveling the globe and always being the one that organized the standout trips. Scarlett Verity, our designer, is working hard on a new website that will be much more interactive featuring stories from our travels near and far. Please add what you feel is important.

We are living our passion of creating stellar international, and local adventures. We've managed to scrape through the pandemic and just for you that was not easy. Thank you so much for those that encouraged us to hang on and attended the events we were able to pull off since March 2020 despite all the obstacles.

Our next adventure is a return to Iceland for Northern Lights, Hot Springs & City Sites. We depart April 2 and return April 6. This will be our fourth visit to the land of Fire and Ice. We went last summer to hike to a summit looking down on erupting Mount Fagradalsfjall volcano. We also tested our driving skills to explore ice caves, search out lovable Puffins, and adore the lupine lined, black sand beaches. We also wanted to go through their Covid process to make sure we could be safe and doable for a small, select group.

We don't guide you anywhere we don't know intimately so we can offer you an authentic and better deal for the investment. We've been traveling the world for a long time and have learned of ways to make your travel investment feel more personal, authentic, and rewarding. We have a knack for befriending the locals and keeping friendships with so they trust us to share what's really a good deal or worth experiencing. Passing on love is part of our mission.

We have more of our Adventure Dome Shoe/Ski/Bike/Hike events coming up in late April & May on a fantastic remote and beautiful spot on the back side of Casper Mountain. This has been an amazing way to let locals get to know how we approach events without buying a plane ticket. Much gratitude to our partners YOBO Gear, Backwards Distilling, Sacred Sounds and our wellness providers and chefs for making these so fun. Tag them?

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Wishing you a blessed 2022 with your best adventures yet.

Go inside - Outside

Stay well. Just go!

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