Casper + Central Wyoming

If you're in the Central Wyoming region, join us for local adventures!


NOVEMBER 6, 2022

1-6:30 PM

Adventure Dome Day Retreat Under The Frost Moon

We are guiding a small group of outdoorsy adults to the rustic, comfort of the Adventure Dome (a geodesic dome located on one of the most beautiful private areas on the back of Casper Mountain). Enjoy the energy of the almost full moon and a roaring, fall fire at The Adventure Dome after a 1.5-mile hike (3 total). There there's dinner and a sound bowl session by Chris Pfaff, owner of Sacred Sounds along with other easy wellness options.

The menu includes beer cheese soup, homemade pretzels, and dessert by Leah with Heirloom Native. Hot apple cider with or without Backwards spirits if you wish.

Riding Mountain bikes in is also an option.

Investment - $150 per person.

Most of the spots have already been claimed. Call 259-5916 or private message us to reserve yours. Headlamps or lightweight flashlights, water, and layers are good ideas along with comfortable, stretchy clothes for the sound session.

Cancellations can not be refunded due to our upfront costs.

As we say, Just go.



SEPTEMBER 17, 2022

Yoga on the Labyrinth

Yoga on the Labyrinth is a grass roots wellness program operated primarily at The Bart Rea Learning Circle on the river. Free Qigong, Yoga, Meditation, Fitness, Kid's Yoga, Storytelling, Science, Nature, Coaching & Art experiences for all ages for all.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2022


Free energy! We are cranking up the juice for Solabration festival for the sixth anniversary. It's the culmination of the Yoga on the Labyrinth summer season and our community gather for International Day of Peace and the Fall Equinox. Free, live music by Red Butte, and exciting performances including fire dance by Miranda Bressler and so much more. We are staging the event so we can also be part in Funky Junk downtown. Start planning your costumes now for the Tour de Platte. Bikes, wagons, rollerblades, skates, however you use our trail can be part of the afternoon regathering. Save the date to be in Casper and stay tuned for the full schedule.


JULY 21, 2022

Garden of Golden Threads

The garden seeds we've tended all spring are now in full summer bloom in a hundred-year-old downtown garden. Please join Elliott and Ani Wa, abbess for The Red Clay Abbey for an easy morning of soothing and grounding wellness practices. Be present enough to encounter the sacred golden threads within us and between us. Learn to build your own home daily practices. Bring your mat, water, props, and if inclined a favorite breakfast treat as we'll have tea under the trees for a communal circle of hearing to conclude each session. Your self-investment is $111 for all nine Thursday sessions or $12 for a single session. Please private message us for reservations as we have space for 10 on the grass.

Call 307-259-5916 today to grab yours from those left.

June Full Moon_FB EVENT.jpg

JUNE 12, 2022

Full Strawberry Moon Hike to The Adventure Dome/Wellness Evening

Just before the full, strawberry moon, Elliott, owner of Beyond Borders Adventure Retreats, will guide up to 12 adults to the rustic, comfort of the newly renovated Geodome on the stunning Aspen covered back of Casper Mountain. Reaching The Adventure Dome after 1.5 miles, we'll warm up inside over a healthy dinner and tantalizing drinks featuring Backwards spirits (non-alcoholic as well).

You'll next find peace and release in a guided, intention-setting mediation and yoga session led by Elliott followed by an art therapy program led by Jessika of Casper's Red Clay Abbey. No skill is required for either.

There will be a roaring fire in the aspens with  YOBO gear hammocks. You'll be inspired by the moon's glow across the open mountain welcoming new seeds and letting go of the cold. We encourage you to participate in a silent, forest bathing session before the short trek out.

If you don't want the exercise, we'll provide a dune buggy ride or truck ride as necessary. Biking to the event is A-OK too.

Some of the group will be able to stay at the dome upon request. An additional overnight guest charge will be added.

Investment - $150 per person.

Headlamps, layers, and water are a good idea as well as comfortable, stretchy clothes.

Please don't sign up if you have any symptoms of illness or if you have been exposed.

This would be a beautiful experiential present for someone you love. Cancellations can not be refunded. Spots are claimed.

Call 307-259-5916 today to grab yours from those left.